Erotic Hustle: Redefining Sin through Sacred Sexuality & Psychedelics

Lana Shay reveals secrets of the sex industry and of Gentlemen’s clubs across America in this rousing memoir.

Lana Shay, a Tantrika, or conscious sex worker, offers genuine presence with altruistic motives. She emerges from an arduous upbringing to bring light into the darkness of the industry and divulges all for the very first time.

During her 12+ years as an exotic dancer, she connected with a subculture of like-minded conscious individuals moonlighting in the sex industry: from a self-proclaimed Shaminatrix to dakinis, world class performers, and fellow medicine workers.

Through the dark nights in this underground world of webcamming, BDSM, and sensual massage, Lana honors the role of a sex worker and the uncanny opportunity to elevate consciousness. She concludes with the resurgence of Dakini temples where the wounded warrior within visits and reemerges transformed and healed.

This memoir is for those open to a sui generis version of the sex industry and a radical alternative to the repressed sexual nature of the Westernized society, and especially for those curious about a conscious energetic exchange with women who are embodied, liberated from the crumbling old paradigm, and have been in abusive or toxic relationships.

Lana illustrates her visions from psychedelic journeys and details how these profoundly riveting experiences illuminate her path as a conscious dancer.

Should you find yourself at the door of a gentleman’s club, this is your invitation to walk in with your heart wide open, expecting miracles.