Golden Lotus


GðLÐɛռ Lð†U§

To see this mysterious existence, to feel it in the deepest core of your heart, and immediately a prayer arises —

a prayer that has no words to it, a prayer that is silence, a prayer that doesn’t say anything but feels tremendous, a prayer that arises out of you like fragrance, a prayer that is like music with no words, celestial music, or what Pythagoras used to call “the harmony of the stars,” the melody of the whole.

When that music starts rising in you, that’s what the Secret of the Golden Flower is all about: suddenly a flower bursts open in you, a golden lotus. You have arrived, you have come home.”

― Osho, The Secret of Secrets

The lotus is a symbol of strength and perseverance. This flower rises out of darkness to reveal its beauty in the world. Wearing the gold lotus is a reminder of your own resilience to rise out of any dark moment.

Model: @reddressschool

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6 (custom sizing not available)


Solid 14K Gold