Work with Lana Shay

Pure Kitchen Project 

STEP 1: Eliminate

We’ll go through the ENTIRE kitchen and eliminate everything that isn’t helping you obtain optimal health.  This is a comprehensive education session to get you familiar with the real food you want in your kitchen.  We’ll toss or donate everything that you won’t need anymore!  In this process we’ll create a plan and budget for the next step.

STEP 2: Re-Stock

This is my favorite part!  We’ll stock the kitchen with healthy food that makes your mouth water!  A trip to the grocery store (and local farmer’s market) will be fun and informative as we investigate together.  We’ll also take into consideration the most exciting meal plans.

STEP 3: Execute

We’ll plan kitchen time around your schedule and find what motivates you to execute!  We’ll plan out meals for one week and determine what works best. Emphasis will be on how to maintain consistency in your lifestyle.

Ready to step-up to your best self?  Most energy? Strongest stamina? Unstoppable physique?

$1888 Energetic Exchange: 11am to 4pm/Full Day

*Please note that this price does not include any of the foods or kitchen equipment to you choose to re-stock your kitchen with. This Project can be split into a two sessions.


  • Why organic?
  • What does the nutrition label and ingredients tell me?
  • What advertising claims are real and which ones should I look out for?
  • What kinds of meat should I buy?
  • Which choice of milk is best for my family?
  • Sugar-free or regular?
  • Is diet soda a better?
  • Why is it important to choose local?
  • Are fat-free snacks really healthy?
  • Which kind of bread should I buy “whole wheat,” “multi-grain” or something else?
  • Which spices and herbs should I use (and which ones to avoid)?
  • Real butter or margarine?
  • What are these ingredients on my packaged foods labels? 

Pure Home Project 

This is the extended version of the Pure Kitchen Project. This process will unfold over the course of one month, in which you and your family will integrate new habits of allowing only Pure products and practices into your temple.

Everything you put in and on your body will be considered.

We will develop a plan of action together. This may look like weekly visits to the grocery store, or collaborative instacart planning, daily check-ins, and most importantly, the first initial sweep of all [unpure] products in the home.

*please contact for pricing.

Tantric Embodiment Immersion

I guide individuals and couples through the practice of re-discovering the tantric path, which I believe is simply a way of being in tune with the natural rhythms of nature. This, in my understanding, leads to the awakening to our inner divinity. I uphold my role as a Dakini and initiate others on the Tantric path, guiding men, women & couples to connect deeply with their true selves.

I believe that true, deep pleasure has the power to heal the physical body, through the mind, on a multidimensional level. Sexual energy is life force energy, the energy that creates all! As we learn how to harness & move this energy, what’s likely to unfold is  profound transformation, within and all around! Many of us in the Western world have been misinformed about the power of this medicine. Overall, we are unaware of how powerful we are. At any moment, we can decide to reclaim our power, and step into a more fulfilling, fully embodied way of living life to its fullest. In love with ourselves and our partners. 

I support my clients in creating a paradigm shift by tapping into the mindset first. We access deeper pleasure through practices that purify the body, the temple, and we find a greater capacity for bliss, stamina, and vitality. I invite clients to connect with the temple they reside in. We explore what it means to cultivate a sacred and embodied relationship with sexuality, sensuality, and thus, fully savor the beauty of life. 

The Pure Way ® is my path. I am an advocate for living in harmony with the earth and draw from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Amazonian Indigenous practices, plant medicines and psychedelics in my sessions to take a holistic approach to your expansion and growth.

This lifestyle is a practice and a journey. It is never too late to begin, and forever dynamic and unsuspecting. We will never know how deep the rabbit hole goes. I love diving in and exploring the depths, because the path is always an epic adventure. Spirituality & sexuality are one and always have been. I’m on the same road with you, just perhaps a few steps ahead, and once we begin walking together, perhaps you’ll have much to teach me!

Let’s dive in together on this tantric path, where you’ll awaken your sensual self, unleash the powerful force within you, and deepen your intimate relationship/s


– Conscious touch
– Massage
– Intuitive Energy
– Breathwork
– Mindfulness Practices
– Emotional Release
– Meditation
– Transformational Life Coaching
– Erotic Dance
– Kambo
– Pure Devotional Presence!


– Couples Half Day retreat (4 hours)
– Couples Full Day  (6 full hours together with meal breaks)
– Couples Weekend (2 Full Days)
– Tantric Initiation Session (2hrs / 3hrs)
– Kambo : Purification & Cleansing (3-4hrs)
– Erotic Dance Playshop (1hr / 2hrs) – can be done virtually.
– Tantric Embodiment coaching (1hr / 2hrs) – can be done virtually.

The services listed are the only ones offered.


– Madhyama Yoga Shiksha: Yoga Institute of Mumbai (2008

– Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health: 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (2009)

– Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training: 200hr YTT assistant (2010)

– TantraNova Weekend Workshop: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (2009)

– TantraNova Weekend: Private Couples Retreat (August 2009)

– TantraNova “Explore the Power of the Divine Feminine” Advanced Seminar: Weekend Seminar for Women – Level II (2010)

– Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health//TantraNova Weekend Workshop Assistant: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (November 2010)

– Esalen Institute//TantraNova Weeklong Workshop Assistant: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (January 2011)

– Esalen Institute//TantraNova Weeklong Workshop Assistant: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (November 2012)

– Esalen Institute//TantraNova Weeklong Workshop Assistant: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (November 2013)

– Esalen Institute//TantraNova Weekend Workshop Assistant: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (June 2014)

– Esalen Institute//TantraNova Weekend Workshop Assistant: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy:  A workshop for couples and singles (November 2014)

– Source School of Tantra Yoga for Women Goddess Weekend Retreat (2012)

– Tantric Alchemy Facilitator Training Assistant (October 2019)

Formal Education

California Institute of Integral Studies — B.A., 2017

Madison College — A.A., 2008

Maquarie Univerisity (Sydney, Australia NSW) World Studies — 2006


International Association of Kambo Practitioners — Kambo Practitioner, 2017

International Association of Kambo Practitioners — Advanced Kambo Practitioner, 2019

Being True to You Personal Recovery Coaching — Recovery Coach, 2015

Reiki Certification Training, Orion Healing, Ari Barkan —Reiki Level II, 2014

JourneyDance Training Module II — 2012

JourneyDance Training: Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health —JourneyDance Practitioner, 2010

200hr Yoga Teacher Training: Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health —RYT, 2009

Yoga Institute of Mumbai — Madhyama Yoga Shiksha, 2008


Tantric Alchemy: The Shamanic Womb — 2019

Tantric Alchemy & Kevin Oroszlan: Tantric (R)Evolution — 2019

Tantric Alchemy: Erotic Awakening Women’s Temple — 2019

Destin Gerek:  Evolve LIVE: A Sexual/Spiritual Transformation — 2015

Esalen Institute: Soul Motion®: Freedom to Soar — 2014

Smart Women Making Money Weekend Seminar — 2014

Unleash the Power Within Weekend Seminar — 2011 – 2014

Source School of Tantra Yoga: Awakening the Goddess — 2012

Ma Ananda Sarita Master Lover – Secrets for a Mystical Sexual Union — 2020

Anthony Robbins Mastery University — 2011

TantraNova: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy Weekend workshop — 2009 – 2011

TantraNova: Secrets to Lasting Intimacy Weeklong workshop — 2012 -2014

TantraNova: Advanced Women’s Seminar — 2010

Orlando School of Thai Massage: Thai Massage Fundamentals — 2009

Florida School of Holistic Living: 6-week Holistic Nutrition Course — 2009

JourneyDance Weekend Workshop with Toni Bergins —2009

Yoga Institute of Mumbai: 21 days for better living course — 2008


Sensual Kitchen Playdate

*please contact for pricing.

Womb Healing Journey 

3 month journey includes:

. personalized Kambo protocol (up to 6 ceremonies)
. healthystyle mapping (personalized meal planning)
. yoni egg  ($66 value)
. unlimited text and email support


Please contact me if you’re looking to schedule

group or private Yoga // JourneyDance // Tantra Session // Modeling // Thai Massage // Kambo Cleanse // Reiki //