Work with Lana Shay

Pure Kitchen Project 

STEP 1: Eliminate

We’ll go through the ENTIRE kitchen and eliminate everything that isn’t helping you obtain optimal health.  This is a comprehensive education session to get you familiar with the real food you want in your kitchen.  We’ll toss or donate everything that you won’t need anymore!  In this process we’ll create a plan and budget for the next step.

STEP 2: Re-Stock

This is my favorite part!  We’ll stock the kitchen with healthy food that makes your mouth water!  A trip to the grocery store (and local farmer’s market) will be fun and informative as we investigate together.  We’ll also take into consideration the most exciting meal plans.

STEP 3: Execute

We’ll plan kitchen time around your schedule and find what motivates you to execute!  We’ll plan out meals for one week and determine what works best. Emphasis will be on how to maintain consistency in your lifestyle.

Ready to step-up to your best self?  Most energy? Strongest stamina? Unstoppable physique?

$1000 Energetic Exchange: 11am to 4pm/Full Day

*Please note that this price does not include any of the foods or kitchen equipment to you choose to re-stock your kitchen with. This Project can be split into a two sessions.


  • Why organic?
  • What does the nutrition label and ingredients tell me?
  • What advertising claims are real and which ones should I look out for?
  • What kinds of meat should I buy?
  • Which choice of milk is best for my family?
  • Sugar-free or regular?
  • Is diet soda a better?
  • Why is it important to choose local?
  • Are fat-free snacks really healthy?
  • Which kind of bread should I buy “whole wheat,” “multi-grain” or something else?
  • Which spices and herbs should I use (and which ones to avoid)?
  • Real butter or margarine?
  • What are these ingredients on my packaged foods labels? 

Pure Home Project 

This is the extended version of the Pure Kitchen Project. This process will unfold over the course of one month, in which you and your family will integrate new habits of allowing only Pure products and practices into your temple.

Everything you put in and on your body will be considered.

We will develop a plan of action together. This may look like weekly visits to the grocery store, or collaborative instacart planning, daily check-ins, and most importantly, the first initial sweep of all [unpure] products in the home.

*please contact for pricing.

Sensual Kitchen Playdate

*please contact for pricing.

Womb Healing Journey 

3 month journey includes:

. personalized Kambo protocol (up to 6 ceremonies)
. healthystyle mapping (personalized meal planning)
. yoni egg  ($66 value)
. unlimited text and email support


Please contact me if you’re looking to schedule

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