This month marks just over one year since the Conscious Love book was released and the authors of the book offered their wisdom during a live summit.

All of the interviews and many other videos and bonuses are available online, except one, very special, unreleased interview.

This Conscious love and sex UNRELEASED interview with Destin Gerek, is a juicy, 30 minutes of unfiltered, real talk with an internationally recognized speaker and coach. Destin is currently leading a powerful movement for better sex, deeper connection to masculine power, and deepening of men’s understanding of women and themselves-like never before. This interview is especially ripe for the moment, as Destin married the love of his life last week. His philosophy and teachings are powerful, and the divine union of these soulmates is the true testimony.


[Tweet “Destin is a man who truly inspires me! He is a powerful manifestor, that walks his talk. I have so much respect for that alone!”]

I’ve had this video saved for a special moment and I’m ready to release it today! Please enjoy this interview with Destin and I, in celebration of this new journey that’s just begun in his life.

Please do comment, and share if something moved you in this interview. Please spread the word about conscious love and sex as it’s an integral piece of the Pure Way and a lifestyle of honoring your body as a sacred temple!


The Pure Way┬áis all about living a life that allows you to feel incredible in your body, because it’s your one precious temple in this lifetime!
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a juicy excerpt from my unreleased memoir: Erotic Hustle: Redefining Sin Through Sacred Sexuality

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