Maca: Organic Energizer and Libido Booster

Organic | Steam Extracted | Adaptogenic

When couples come to me to add some fire to their relationship, I always suggest looking in the kitchen cabinets.

How are you nourishing your body? How are you loving it? Are you giving it what it’s asking for? Are you subtly attuned to the frequency of your nourishment choices?

Maca is that plant ally that fully supports sensual awakening as it boosts libido. It’s a relative of the radish family and its flavor has been compared to butterscotch.

Sprinkling a little Maca in your weekly routine (smoothies, warm elixirs, or with coffee) can:

  • Boost energy
  • Cultivate sexual desire
  • Increase fertility
  • Enhance memory
  • Support stress response (it’s an adaptogen = helps us “adapt” to stress)
  • Aid in athletic performance
  • Balance hormones

…and more ♥

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