The Tantric Lap Dance: An Online Mini Course


Course Details
This downloadable, mini online course is a lap dance tutorial. View the full, explicit lap dance, followed by narration.

  • Duration: 10:33

You will learn:

  • Two simple tantric practices to more deeply connect with a lover
  • authentic stripper lap dance techniques
  • the art of seduction

Warning. Nudity: viewer discretion is advised.

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tantric Lap Dance mini course


Cultivate sexual energy. Choose to embody your power. Connect with your intimate partner. 

What will the course include? 

This course is the quick and dirty version of a lap dance. In just under 11 minutes, you’ll visually experience an entire topless lap dance, followed by my verbal instruction to give or receive  your very own, in-person tantric lap dance with a partner.  More specifically, this is a downloadable, mini-online course in tutorial format. Narration begins at 6:40 with a replay of the lap dance in slow motion.

You will learn: 

  • two simple foundational tantric practices to more deeply connect with a lover 
  • authentic stripper lap dance techniques 
  • the art of seduction 

    What makes a lap dance “tantric?”
    Conscious, intentional merging of body and spirit~ through breath, sound, and focus on the energetic centers of the physical body.