Pure Products

This incredible water is dear to my heart. I’ve had this water (very conveniently) delivered to my doorstep to my since late 2017, and it has truly changed my life. Hydration is everything. The only way to fully understand is to drink it yourself! I have more energy, my thoughts are more clear, my skin is glowing…the list is endless. Live water is one key to a happy, healthy life, without a shadow of a doubt. This fantastic company has not yet expanded outside of California, so for now, this offer is only available in the region from just north of Santa Rosa to just south of Los Angeles. You can check out the map on their site. I am so pleased to offer you 30% off of your first order by using my link!

Hands down, favorite product EVER! Vitamineral Green is food! I recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are. It’s an incredible source for optimal nourishment. You could actually live on it, you just might end up a bit hungry! The stories I’ve heard and transformations I’ve witnessed with Vitamineral Green are truly extraordinary. This is one of those things that you just have to try yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Get consistent and see how you feel. Some say that end up on the toilet after the first few days. Don’t worry. This is totally normal. You’re just detoxing. It’s flushing out the crap. Literally. 

 If you LOVE chocolate (like me), this is the absolute BEST chocolate on the planet.  Bethanne, is a good friend, and the founder of Edible Goddess.  She uses sustaEGlogoWithPrintinable practices and the highest quality ingredients known to womankind!  Not only does she have delicious products, she has edible skincare and supplements too!  I absolutely LOVE all of her products and I don’t recommend any other products above hers. Edible Goddess products are Sensual Foodist recommended! 

If you’re at the grocery store and spot these products, look no further. These are the best you’ll find in the store-especially the chocolate! The SuperFood Raw Chocolate doesn’t have refined sugar and contains medicinal mushrooms. It doesn’t get any better than that my friends!  Look for these products next time you’re in the store (that is, if you haven’t yet ordered Edible Goddess products)! 

I discovered E3Live after undergoing a very invasive surgical procedure at age 22. I was in the process of healing, and was experiencing quite intense physical pain in the process. E3Live sped up my recovery and helped my body to repair itself. Doctors were astonished at my recovery rate! This is an incredibly company. Just call them and talk to a representative on the phone. They’re very kind and down to earth!

I’m a huge advocate for hemp! There are so many reasons why, and the health benefits are first and foremost. Second is the impact on the environment. Growing hemp helps the environment. It has the ability to stabilize and enrich soil and hemp converts CO2 to oxygen better than trees! It also grows easily and abundantly almost anywhere. Lastly (but certainly not least), my freedom fighting grandfather founded the American Cannabis Society, which is still alive and well today!


ONOI feel privileged to have met the owner and founder of this conscious company in Ubud, a magical little town on the Indonesian island of Bali.  I noticed Bernadette tending to this display of incredible cork-eco products.  It was love at first sight! The products are beautiful and certainly made with passion! I asked her about the company and felt compelled to support her mission.