Where does your water come from? Have you ever tried spring water? It’s the most pure water you can drink! Water from the tap, and most bottled water is loaded with dangerous chemicals and toxins, that are not found in unadulterated spring water.

If you got the message from the four sentences above, or the 30 second video, no need to read on! If you’re curious as to what type of “crap” is in your tap water, I’ve pulled together some interesting info for you to sip on.

Currently, I reside in Northern California, the state that was found to have the most toxic water in the nation according to a recent Harvard study; with a high level of “life-threatening concentrations,” including: Fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, etc. Like I said, full of crap!

There is plenty wonderful research done on tap water for you to read up on. What’s much more important, is that there are also plenty of resources to find safe, pure water, straight from the source (just like the one in the video). The best online spot to find your local source is Find a Spring.com.

If you’re not ready to run out and fill up your jugs with spring water, it’s likely that you can have water delivered right to your door. The next best option is a water filter. Personally, I avoid the tap water for anything beside a quick shower (and I still use a filter), though there are a few high quality water filters available. My thought is that we take in enough toxins and chemicals that we don’t need by just breathing, living in a city, why add more with water?

Water is so incredibly important; as you may already know, humans are anywhere from 50-75% water! There’s an incredible read out there, that was published many years ago, about the importance of hydration. It’s called, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. In this book, Batmanghelidj notes that nearly every major disease that western culture suffers from is intimately connected with chronic dehydration. Almost all of the major systems in the body require water to function smoothly. Dehydration can cause a list of issues that could fill the next few pages. Drinking enough water is crucial, and drinking pure water is necessary to reach optimal health.


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