She’s spineless!

Have you ever heard this saying? I haven’t heard it more than a handful of times in my short life, but I know that it’s not endearing in the least. I looked up the definition just to be crystal clear and the word purposeless was included. If we look at this in a literal sense, we’re talking about the absence of the spine. How difficult would life be without a spine?! Truly, it’s a challenging life when the spine isn’t functional. If you’ve never had back pain yourself, you might know someone who has. It can be detrimental. A severe spinal injury can completely affect mobility, which you likely already know.

I, myself had suffered with back pain. When I was in my early twenties, I worked in a natural foods grocery cooperative in the deli. I stood for six or more hours a day without sitting down much and the floor was concrete. My lumbar spine was aching after a day of work. After I started practicing yoga everyday, the pain decreased significantly. It’s not necessary to spend countless hours each week to reap the benefits of yoga asana (postures); it can take as little as 3 minutes to remedy back pain. Truly! Of course, the way for this to be the most effective is by practicing consistently. Three minutes daily is totally time well spent if it means feeling comfortable and pain-free in your one and only body. I must insert my favorite quote here:

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No need to continue with a long explanation-as I mentioned it’s super easy, and quick- to move your body and keep the spine fluid and pain free. Follow along with me a few times in this video, and then make this practice your own; working into the spots that might need extra attention or a longer hold (with breath) in a juicy stretch!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or requests for more practices, please do reach out as I love to know what you’re thinking! Keep the juicy spinal movement practices going and allow your entire body to feel the benefit.


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