Wealth is a word that comes with heavy connotation for all of us. I know that money is what I used to think of when I heard the word wealth. I am happy to say that I now have a more accurate and authentic meaning for this word. We each see the world in our very own unique way.

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I believe that when we are well, we have wealth. It is our greatest asset, to be fully alive, vibrant, energetic and experiencing optimal health. There are an infinite number of ways to nourish the body, and food is one. I am a HUGE foodie and I have committed to learning about the best ways to nourish my body with food in this lifetime.

I’m sure you’ve heard, “you are what you eat,” right? What about, “you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake!” What supposed “foods” are fast, easy, cheap and fake? I taught a tele-class this past week where we took a deeper look at just what I mean by fast, easy, cheap and fake (I didn’t come up with this, so I won’t claim ownership of this adage)! Let me ask you a question. How did you feel when you woke up this morning? Do you remember ever feeling better? More energetic? More motivated? Enthusiastic? If you do, then why didn’t you feel this good when you woke up this morning? I invite you to listen to the recorded tele-class that I’ve uploaded to soundcloud to find out how you might boost yourself back up (or higher) to that optimal level that you once had.

If you happen to feel more full of life and energy than EVER and you don’t feel that you could use a boost, PLEASE do share below (in the comments section) the practices that are enabling you to maintain such WELLth!

This tele-class was offered as part of a month long series of daily tele-classes and open discussions, presented by a team of Transformational Addiction Recovery Coaches. These classes are hosted by Being True to You, an organization that offers preparation and integration aftercare to support individuals and families through addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual transformation.

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