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What is a “love-inducing kitchen?”

You’ll have the opportunity to find out next week!

Please join the lovely miss Rachel Rose, of Rachel Rose Holistic  and I for a 30 minute, FREE webinar on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30pm PST. Rachel tell us what the 5 must have foods for a love-inducing kitchen are.


A bit about Rachel:

“She is a Yoga Instructor, a Holistic Health Coach, a Birth Doula, Femininity Retreat Producer, a Musician, and the CEO & Founder of Rachel Rose Holistic.
In the last year Rachel moved to a tree house outside of San Francisco which previously housed Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, started Rachel Rose Holistic, was proposed to at Burning Man by her soul mate Ben (she said yes) and found her breath.”
-check out this article to read the rest ;)


Rachel is absolutely amazing. I met her at the MA Center a year ago while we were visiting for Amma’s Darshan.  We were connected through the web of yogi’s and Amma devotees on the East Coast, but we’d never formally met prior to that night at the MA center in 2014. Since then, Rachel and I have become part of a women’s mastermind group together. It’s been incredible to watch Rachel’s mission unfold-her following has exploded since the first time we met and it will certainly continue to grow rapidly. She has deep wisdom and she truly walks her talk. Her home is beautiful and serene, along with her intimate relationship with her lover, Ben.

I’m super excited for this webinar, and I really would love for you to join us. It’s a short 30 minute webinar, and it’s completely free. Get more details here!

If you know anyone who truly needs a little more love in their life, this webinar may just be for them. Will you share it? I would be so grateful! Will I see you there? Register now :)

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