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I’m a published Author! Woohoo!

I want to begin by saying thank you! If you’re reading this via email, you’ve stuck with me during this lull! I’ve been working on a book, that will be available so very soon! Let’s just dive right back in. I have a couple questions for you.

What if food, money and sex were all
connected in unexpected ways?

Imagine Making Sensual Love in the Kitchen
while growing personally and as a couple?

How would your life change if your
dried-up old, non-existent sex life was
suddenly wild, wet and rejuvenated again?

We want you to feel the heavy weight
of a Sex relationship that just isn’t working
transforming into a “Dance of Sex, Love, and Awakening”…

11 experts share their stories, tools and
even getting you shifts right there –
so you can see that the love that didn’t work
for you was actually just the training ground for the
conscious love and Soulful sex you were really
meant to have in your life!

The system and paradigms around intimacy in
relationships are changing. We are approaching a
time in our history where massive changes in
consciousness are freeing new possibilities in
sexual choices and relationships.

Men and Women are unsatisfied with holding
back their true desires and fantasies, and
seek a safe, free expression of their sexual nature.

We are leading a new movement to bring a
enlightened conversation back to sex and love
with our new BlissLife Press Book:
“Conscious love.
Enlightened Relationships
and Soulful Sex”.

It is time for new paradigm around healthy
and freely expressed sexual relationships,
safe and sensual communication… and
these soul-based experts in conscious
relationships are leading the conversation.

What would be possible for you if the secret
to the type of conscious, delicious sex life
you’ve been waiting for all these years
lay in this new book…

Wouldn’t you want to find out?

Join us and Get Ready to Open
your heart, Lovingly Transform Conflict into
Sacred sex, create a Sensual Connection
with your Partner, even learn how to
have the hottest sex ever as a Power Couple!

>Our gift to you<

Here’s just a sampling of our topics
and experts that will share:

“The Power Couple’s Guide to Becoming the
Ultimate Team: Secrets to Authentic Power through
the Domains of Work, Play, and Love” – Alain Torres

“Making Sensual Love in the Kitchen” – Lana Baumgartner

“How to Turn Conflict into Connection” – Deborah Morehead

“50 Shades of Conscious Sexuality: The Cosmic
Dance of Sex, Love, and Awakening” –
Christopher Menne

“The Power of Authentic Relating”– Lucia Nicola Evans

“Staying True to Your Own Heart Moving
on from love that didn’t work out” – Kristina Shumilova

“The Dance of Love”–Deborah Nielsen

“A Story of True Love…”–Joni Young

“How to Open Your Heart to
True Love”- Dr. Sky Blossoms

“The Quest for Conscious Love:
A Lesbian Perspective” – Christine Dunn

“Alchemy of Love: Find the Key to keeping
your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body
Glowing & Your Business Growing” – Dr. Elena Estanol


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