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A little Himalayan salt for hot and sticky nights

Hello from Bali!  As I sit here melting (willingly) in the sticky heat, I am enjoying a nice, lightly salted glass of water.  Why, might you ask, am I torturing myself when there are plentiful delicious beverage options?

If you don’t know this fabulous secret, get ready to learn a super simple trick to stay hydrated in the heat:

Himalayan salt! 

This super simple ingredient is an electrolyte.  Sprinkle a little in your water on a hot day, and you’ll have a magical rejuvenating drink. ;)

julyA little Himalayan salt for hot and sticky nights |  by: July Westhale

Our beloved Dr. Mercola has much to say on the cultural importance of salt.  He cites the historical etymology of the spice: “the word “salary” comes from the root “sal,” because Romans were paid in salt.  African and European explorers traded an ounce of salt for an ounce of gold—salt was literally worth its weight in gold.”  Many expressions, such as ‘salt of the earth’, or ‘salt the hearth’ invoke images of goodness, purity, or wholesomeness, as in, essential to the body.

Let’s do a little anatomy exploration.  The role of salt in the overall function of your brain is not to be underestimated; the sodium-ion exchange in your cerebral cortex ensures that your muscles move when they are directed. Sodium increases glial cells in your brain, which in turn help with long-term thinking, as well as creativity! Because salt has been an invaluable tool in enhancing the flavor of food for centuries, iodine was added to table salt during industrialized times in order to help Americans recover from drastic iodine deficiencies. Though iodized table salt aided in its original purpose (and very, very few people in the United States suffer from deficiency related to iodine as a result), it mostly consists of nutrition-less sodium chloride and other additives.


Natural salts, and in particular, Himalayan salt, is a 250 million year old spice that is considered by many to be the purest salt in the world. With benefits similar to those of natural spring water, Himalayan salt offers elements identical to those in your body as well as regulation of water, pH levels (particularly in the brain), blood sugar health, food and nutrient absorption through intestinal tract, and regulation of blood pressure. Free from chemical cleaning that often accompanies table salts and other sodium-based spices, Himalayan salt has also been known to promote sexual health and a normative libido in both men and women, as well as upper respiratory wellness and regular sleep patterns.  Simply put, ingesting it supports weight loss, helps the body detox, and balances hormones.


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It’s clear that salt (Himalayan salt, specifically) does a body good.  A pinch in a glass of water, not only keeps you hydrated, but it helps you to perform at an optimal level.

Have you ever added salt to water to stay hydrated?  If not, what do you love to drink on a hot, sticky day?  Let us know in the comments section below.  Try out the Himalayan salt and let us know how it worked out for you!

Stay hydrated ;)

Stay hydrated ;)

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